ProTox is the trusted protector against crawling and flying insects. Live confidently knowing that your loved ones are safe with ProTox's range of products.


Our innovative formulations are targeted to eliminate and annihilate all flying and crawling insects.

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Trusted to protect

Rest easy knowing that ProTox protects what matters most.

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better than tanty slippers

To protect what matters most, Protox never misses. With our superior formula, you can rest assured that all unwanted insects will meet their end.

kills crawling and flying insects

The line of attack is strong! Aerosols, Mosquito Coils and and Plug In Vaporizers are all equipped to protect what matters most.

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for all those hard to reach places

Pests dont stand a chance against the protecting power of ProTox's specialized formulations.

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they don’t stand a chance with protox

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Superior Formulations

ProTox uses a cutting edge formula that ensures that insects don't stand a chance.

Specialists at Protection

Choose from our wide range of products to protect against specific pests like mosquitoes, roaches and ants.

Innovative Pest Control

Choosing ProTox is a no brainer. We are committed to finding new and safe ways to truly protect what matters most.

Meet the protectors

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