We know you’ve heard it a million times, but that’s because it’s important!

Rainy Season Preparation for Insect Protection

Many species of insect quite love damp andhumid conditions facilitated by the rainy season as it provides ample opportunities for laying eggs, such as mosquitoes. Other bugs, like cockroaches for example, travel indoors in search of shelter. These can threaten the safety of our loved ones, our food storage and even our general health and wellbeing. Here are a few of our favourite tips for Protecting What Matters Most during the rainy season, and beyond!

We know you’ve heard it a million times,but that’s because it’s important!

Be sure to check around your home and area for places that mosquitoes and other insects to lay eggs. Mosquitoes tend to lay eggs in small collected bodies of water. These eggs hatch and the larvae(or young mosquitoes), go on to become fully grown adult mosquitoes in a total of 8-10 days from laying. Some of these receptacles can be plant pots, open tanks, barrels, pet water bowls or buckets. Mosquito bites can be incredibly irritating and even painful. In the worst cases, Mosquitos can spread dangerous diseases like Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and more. Protect yourself and your family by being proactive and ensuring that these pesky pests have no place to reproduce.

Be sure to seal holes and gaps around your property that insects can climb into.

Picture this: the rain begins to fall, water accumulates and bugs seek dry shelter in YOUR home. Not on your watch!

We urge you to do an inspection of the walls, floors and drains of your home to make sure there are no cracks where pests can enter when the weather gets damp.These cracks and gaps should be sealed with materials that keep them out permanently. For drainpipes, we recommend that these be regularly cleaned and that the appropriate drain hole covers be used to keep unwanted intruders out.

As much as we try to take preventative action, flying and crawling insects can turn up at the most unexpected moments, that’s why we created ProTox, to Protect What Matters Most in these situations.Our Original and Citronella ProTox Aerosol Sprays are excellent at killing those invasive insects. For mosquitoes, protect your loved ones with Pro1Aerosol Spray and Plug in Vaporizer, specially designed to target mosquitoes with its advanced and innovative formula.

At the end of the day, feeling protected in your own home is important, so utilize these tips and have your ProTox on deck for safety through every season.

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