The best part? This product is Baby and Pet Safe!

Kid & Pet friendly Mosquito Control!

Let’s face it: if you’re a parent or a pet-owner, one of your main concerns is for the safety of your babies and your fur babies. Mosquitoes can cause quite a problem as you might be worried about the effect of aerosols while also needing to eliminate these disease carrying pests.

In our blogpost, Rainy Season Preparation for Insect Protection, we highlighted how you can prevent Mosquitoes from reproducing and laying eggs near your home. But sometime, we know that dealing with them are unavoidable despite the preventative action we take.

With ProTox Pro1, eradicating harmful mosquitoes is easy. The innovative formulation ensures that these mosquito micro killing particles are suspended in the air for a longer period, so these pests don’t stand a chance. It is recommended that the aerosol be sprayed into a sealed room and left for sometime to guarantee the effectiveness of the product. This can be done before leaving home to run errands, head to work or take a trip!

“But I’ve got Pets!” or “But my babies stay at home all day!”

We understand and ProTox Pro1 is here to help. Our Plug In Vaporizer is exactly what you need to ensure your peace of mind. For protection against mosquitoes while also being baby and pet safe, we recommend the Plug In. This device can be plugged into your wall sockets in practically any room in your home to ward off mosquitoes. The rotating head feature ensures that no matter the orientation of your socket, the cartridge remains upright. These plug ins last for up to 45 days, once plugged in for 8 hours per day. The convenient on and off switch can help you easily disable the vapors while you’re away and refill cartridges are available to make it incredibly easy to keep your loved ones protected.

The best part? This product is Baby and Pet Safe!

We advise that any cots, cribs or beds are at least 1 meter away from the Plug In as the vapors may concentrate immediately around the unit.

Modern problems require modern solutions and this innovative line is ProTox’s innovation at work! Pro1 can be purchased at your favourite groceries and convenience stores around the region!*

*Please check your territory’s distributorfor confirmed availability of the Pro1 Line here.

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