Here are some frequently asked questions from customers.


Where can I buy ProTox?

You can find ProTox at major distributors and retailers in the Caribbean Region.

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Is it safe to use ProTox inside my home?

Yes! ProTox's product range has been reviewed by the relevant regulatory agencies and approved as a low toxicity product. ProTox's product range is safe to use , once used as directed. Please refer to the product packaging for usage directions.

What insects does the ProTox range protect against?

ProTox protcts agains ALL flying and crawling insects, including ants, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes & more! ProTox includes product with targeted formulations.

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ProTox prides itself on Protection.

That's why the product range has been expertly formulated with innovative features to best target a range of insects. Read about our specialist products below.

ProTox Original Insecticide Spray

What Insects does ProTox Original protect against?

ProTox Original Aerosol Spray protects against all flying and crawling insects. This includes, but is not limited to, ants, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, wasps and spiders.

What is the best way to use ProTox Insecticide?

To ensure that ProTox is effective, close all windows and doors of the room being sprayed, spray the aerosol as directed on the packaging, then step out of the room and keep the doors closed for a few minutes, particularly to target flying insects. For larger insects, direct the spray to the target for a steady period of time. Ensure that the room is well aired out after spraying.

What is unique about ProTox?

ProTox uses innovative formulations that have been independently tested and proven to be more effective than other insecticide aerosols.

ProTox Pro1 Insecticide Spray

What insect is Pro1 targeted towards?

Pro1 is specifically targeted towards killing mosquitoes. it is formulated for faster insect knockdown, while ensuring particles are suspended in the air longer in order to have a lasting lethal effect on mosquitoes.

Is the scent the same as ProTox original?

No, Pro1 has a milder scent than the ProTox Original Aerosol, but works just as effectively in eradicating mosquitoes.

How can I create a Mosquito-Free Zone with Pro1 around the clock?

Pro1 Aerosol Spray is highly effective, especially for immediate protection. However, for prolonged mosquito protection, the Pro1 Plug-In is a safe and long lasting solution.

ProTox Citronella Insecticide Spray

What's the difference between ProTox Original and ProTox Citronella?

ProTox Citronella is formulated with a lighter Ciitronella scent but,like ProTox Original, protects effectively against all crawling and flying insects.

Why Citronella?

Citronella is a naturally occuring plant extract that is widely known for its insecticidal and repellant properties. Our ProTox Citronella formulation uses this very extract for the same reason. Citronella may also be lighter on the senses for those sensitive to harsher smells.

Does ProTox have any other Citronella-Based Products?

Yes! OIn addition to the Citronella Aerosol Spray, ProTox Citronalla Coils are also targeted to protect against mosquitoes.

ProTox Pro1 Vaporizer Plug-In

How long does the Pro1 Vaporizer last?

The Pro1 Vaporizer lats for approximately 45 days when used for 8 hours per day in a 30 square foot room. Refills are also available to replace the liquid repellant cartridges once they are depleted, so you can protect what matters most without the worry!

Is the Pro1 Vaporizer easy to use?

Absolutely! The Pro1 Plug in has been made to adjust to your space. The rotating feature ensures that upon plug-in, the liquid cartridge can remain upright regardless of the orientation of the socket. Pro1 Vaporizers also have a convenient on and off switch, making it easy to power off when the room is vacant.

Is the Pro1 Vaporizer safe to use around children?

Yes, once used as directed, the Pro1 Vaporizer is safe to use around children. Directions for use are on the product packaging. It is recommended that beds, cots and cribs be placed at least 1 meter from the unit as vapors may be concentrated around the unit.

ProTox Mosquito Coils

What is the avarage burn time of an individual ProTox Mosquito Coil?

The average burn time is approximately 7 hours per mosquito coil. This can vary slightly based on atmospheric conditions.

Do the ProTox Mosquito Coils come in different scents?

Yes, the ProTox Mosquito coils are available in Regular and Citronella scents.

What is the safest way to use ProTox Mosquito Coils?

For safety purposes, keep lit coils away from fabrics and other flammable materials (eg. Curtains, couches, rugs etc.) as this can cause a fire Hazard. The ProTox coil holders have also been specially created to mitigate this risk and are available for purchase wherever ProTox coils are sold.

Protox Distributors Across the region

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